Taking Off the Gloves

Taking Off the Gloves - Nonlawyerlady

Yes, it's true. My middle name is Sue!

I’ve been quiet for 30 years.

Inside the manners, inside the dress, inside the gloves.

Now, in my 70's, the gloves are coming off.

This website is about the life and death of something I know better than anyone else- special education. I’m a living fossil of what was and could have been, DNA remaining in sufficient amounts to grow new creatures similar to the old one. From the beginning, it was clear that nobody intended P.L. 94-142 to be understood by regular folk. It was a beautiful law, charismatic in raising hopes of families with disabled kids. But in truth it was merely a wink and a nod to political constituents during the civil rights movement in America, fortunes made off the backs of children with disabilities. They, in turn, have not benefited from the dream of fairness, democracy, and scientific inquiry.

I want you to experience the visual and auditory art of communication, combining subtext with print, converging to express thoughts, feelings and experiences. There will be music in all forms. There will be surprises and humor. There will be rage and straight talk about the lawyer lobby. There will be stories and weekly observations. There will be publications to help you understand specific issues and concerns.

I’m doing this
All By Myself, Alone, A Little Bit Independent from everyone else. I Gotta Right To Sing the Blues, but Nevertheless - Something’s Gotta Give because It’s a Sin To Tell a Lie. Don’t let Smoke Get In Your Eyes.

Let’s get comfortable...